Normally, Children Have Imaginary Friends

Has your child ever asked to provide a seat for his imaginary friend? Or, he often tells about a friend who does not look his form? Before parents feel frightened, there is actually an explanation about the imaginary friends children usually have. Many parents think that children who have imaginary friends are lonely and have no friends in the real world. When in fact the various types of characters of children, ranging from quiet to outgoing can have imaginary friends. The Role of Imaginary Friends in Child Development Until they reach the age of seven, some children claim to have had imaginary friends. This imaginary friend sometimes does not just disappear, after the child starts attending school and mingles with other friends. This imaginary friend is not always a human figure, but can also be an animal with a certain name and character. Little could have an imaginary friend who he called a horned horse or unicorn, with half the human body dressed as a princess. There are al
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